Autograph Supplies & Tips

This page will list what type of markers you should use on your items. Use what you want but some people may find this information helpful.

Tony Gwynn
Use a blue ball point pen for Official Major League baseballs.

Blonde bat
For blonde baseball bats use a blue or black Sharpie.

Black bat web image
Use a silver Deco paint marker on black bats.

Jerry West
Use a broad tip silver Deco paint marker on  a basketball.

Jerry Rice
Use a broad tip silver Deco paint marker on a football.

This is all you need in your marker bag.

Marker supply
I purchase all my paint markers at marker supply.

Helpful tips while waiting in autograph lines.

dodgers chair
Bring a chair unless you want to stand the whole time waiting in line.

You will get thirsty so bring something to drink.

You will get hungry so bring a snack.

You may also consider bringing some good reading material.